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Gilmore Girl vs. The Vampire Diaries | Triangles
A lot of people have been talking about the Damon/Elena/Stefan triangle resembling the Dawson/Joey/Pacey triangle, especially because of KW’s involvement in both projects. Lately, though, I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls and I’ve noticed that the D/E/S triangle can also be compared to the Dean/Rory/Jess triangle.

Dean is the safe bet. The perfect ‘first boyfriend’. The one who always calls, always protects, never lets you down. Rory knew that and her feelings for him were so strong, she probably thought that they would be together forever.

The same can be said for Stefan and Elena. He always calls, always protects, never lets her down, and even when he does let her down, she always forgives him, or she doesn’t even notice at all.

Back to Dean and Rory, everything is going fine until she can’t say she loves him. They break up. For Stefan and Elena, she finds out she looks like his ex from 1864 and she freaks out. They don’t break up, but it’s a huge fight. Eventually, though, both couples make up. Stefan and Elena are happy. Dean and Rory are happy.

And then a wrench gets thrown in. Enter: Jess. Enter: Damon.

Jess is the bad boy. Damon is the bad boy. Both Rory and Elena know this. But still, both of them are drawn to the respective bad boys. Rory’s mother warns her against Jess, many times. Elena’s aunt warns her about Damon, quite a few times as well. Both Elena and Rory keep up their association with the bad boys, because they can’t resist it.

Meanwhile, both Jess and Damon play games with the current boyfriend. They mock them, and they screw with them, but all the while, they are trying to get closer to the girl.

“Why are you only nice to me?” It seems both girls could ask this question, because it really is true. Jess is a jerk to everyone but Rory, and Damon could care less about everyone except for Elena.

Rory spends all of season two trying to downplay her feelings, to convince everyone they are just friends. Even after Jess totals her car and breaks her wrist, she still skips her mother’s graduation to go and see him. To say goodbye. Maybe she even thinks it’s over, thinks she finally has closure.

Until the season two finale. He comes back, more than likely for her, and convinces his uncle to let him stay. And then he goes to see her. And she can’t help herself, so she kisses him. And then she tells him not to say anything, because she feels ashamed. Because she’s still with Dean. So she runs away, and Jess is drawn in even more.

It’s season two for the D/E/S triangle and I am hoping that we will get a similar finale. Perhaps something will make Elena remember that Damon loves her. Or maybe she’ll get there all by herself. Whatever happens, she’ll have to face her feelings for him. Maybe she tells him, maybe she’ll even kiss him and then run away, telling him not to say anything. Wanting to take it back, to forget it ever happened, because she’s still with Stefan.

For Rory and Jess, she spent seven episodes with Dean, trying to ignore her feelings for Jess. Maybe Elena will spend part of season three avoiding him, trying to forget, trying to make sure that Stefan doesn’t find out.

For Dean, he saw it for two seasons. And even Stefan has been admitting he has concerns that she will choose Damon.

Dean broke up with Rory because he couldn’t ignore it anymore. And I think that because Dean broke up with her, Rory could move on and be with Jess.

So maybe we’ll see something similar with D/E/S. Stefan will find out how Elena feels about Damon and then break up with her. And then, just maybe, she’ll be able to move on. And maybe Stefan will as well. Or maybe it’ll send him completely off the deep end.

Only time will tell. But this comparison gives me a little bit more faith in this pairing eventually having some time together.

Dean and Rory weren’t endgame. Jess and Rory weren’t endgame. Logan and Rory weren’t endgame. In my head, Rory said no to Logan’s proposal to be with Jess. (Wishful thinking?) Maybe Elena won’t end up with anyone. Maybe she’ll end up with someone other than the brothers. Again, only time will tell.

I can tell you that this triangle keeps me tuning in week after week and I won’t stop tuning in until it’s over.


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